116 Targa 2020 Dates 2018 winners

25th & 26th July 2020

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1st Overall Winner
Rich Ty Capel Williams & Alan James


2017 winners

Winner Class 1
Kevin Kerr & Rhys ManionJones


2016 winners

Winner Class 2
Tom Evans & Caron Tomlinson


2015 winners

Winner Class 3
Bryn Jones & Chris Cooper-Jones


2016 winners

Winner Class 4
Dermot Carnegie & Paul Bosdet


2015 winners

Best 1400cc Car
Alistair Dodd & Lewis Griffiths


2016 winners

Best 116 Car Club Crew
Chris & Mathew Hannaby


2015 winners

Shaun Buckley Memorial Cup
Brynli Thomas & Daniel Lea


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Targa Tracks 2021 Announcement

116 Car Club has taken the extremely difficult decision to cancel the Group B Motorsport 116 Targa Tracks for this year.

To run an event with so many restrictions still in place in Wales and the unknown of what may or may not happen in the coming weeks, we cannot as a small Club afford the financial risk.

We would have to reduce the number of cars to comply with the current rules which would make the event run at a loss due to the cost of the amazing venues that we usually provide for you to enjoy. As you know as Clerk of the Course I would not want run a substandard event, even less so at a loss!

I hope you all understand and apologise. We held on as long as possible to take the decision and I know many of you have enquired to see if the event is running this year.

Hopefully we will see you all in 2022 which, if our plans come to fruition, will be the best 116 Targa Tracks yet.

Stay safe and enjoy your Summer

Barry Green

Targa 2019 Results & Class Winners


Targa on event photography courtesy of Duncan Littler of Speedsport Photography