2018 winners

1st Overall Winner
Rich Ty Capel Williams & Alan James


2017 winners

Winner Class 1
Kevin Kerr & Rhys ManionJones


2016 winners

Winner Class 2
Tom Evans & Caron Tomlinson


2015 winners

Winner Class 3
Bryn Jones & Chris Cooper-Jones


2016 winners

Winner Class 4
Dermot Carnegie & Paul Bosdet


2015 winners

Best 1400cc Car
Alistair Dodd & Lewis Griffiths


2016 winners

Best 116 Car Club Crew
Chris & Mathew Hannaby


2015 winners

Shaun Buckley Memorial Cup
Brynli Thomas & Daniel Lea


Provisional Date For 2020 Targa Sunday 26th July 2020

Please use the following email address for any correspondence relating to entry:


Targa 2019 Results & Class Winners


Targa on event photography courtesy of Duncan Littler of Speedsport Photography