North Wales Honda 116 Targa Tracks Rally

The increasing popularity of the 116 Targa Tracks Rally format comprises driving tests held entirely on private land timed to 30mph with neutral sections linking them via the Public Highway.

This type of event attracts both the inexperienced Novice competitor and the most experienced crews, with the 116 Car Club 2018 event, in its fourth year, attracting a total entry of 100 crews which included 40 Experts and 40 Novices. Some competitors were out for the first time ever in a motorsport event and some using the twilight of their rallying years to just have some fun …. all non-the less very competitive!

The event does not require Competitors to hold a Competition Licence and the car must be road legal but does not require an MSA log book or any special equipment, other than to carry an MSA Spill Kit. Road sections are run between the Tests on the Public Highway and Competitors must observe the Highway Code, Speed Limits and restrictions therein. Beyond that is gives qualified drivers of all ages and experience the chance to get take part in an MSA governed Club event that provides motorsport participation in an affordable, controlled and enjoyable format.

The Entry Fee includes full colour printed maps, a test diagram book, lunch and an evening meal for both crew members and is run in a way to make it easy for the Novice crew to complete the course and gain valuable map reading, navigational and driving experience without the risk and expense of normal stage rallying.

116 Car Club has been privileged to work with North Wales Honda as its main sponsor since the inaugural event in 2015 and we are delighted to have Dave, Sally and Jade Paveleys’ unrelenting support which has inevitably assisted in the ongoing success of this popular event.

We also could not stage this event without the support of our fantastic landowners and a huge Support Team of Officials, Test Commanders and Marshals, all of whom give up their free time to make sure the event runs safely and without a hitch. This, in turn, means the Competitors support us year after year and we are then also able to donate a significant amount of the event proceeds to the local North Wales Cancer Appeal, a Charity that supports the treatment of cancer patients from all over North Wales.

To all who selflessly give their time, experience and effort – we thank you!



Held on Sunday 28th July 2019

Targa on event photography courtesy of Duncan Littler of Speedsport Photography